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January 25 2015

Polyester Dryer Fabric (inserting Type, slotting Type, slotting Ring and Spiral Ring)

Paper Making Fabric

Jan 23, 2015-China-We sell polyester dryer fabric and we are one of main polyester dryer fabric manufacturers from China. We promise our polyester dryer fabric good quality, low price, and produce according to your request.

Polyester Dryer Screen

Polyester dryer woven mesh screen can be divided into three sheds and four sheds according to weaving patterns.

It can be divided into one and half mesh, double layer mesh and flat dryer mesh according to the difference of fabric layer.

It can be divided into inserting type, slotting type, slotting ring and spiral ring connecting types according to the different connecting types.

Three-shed series one and half layer mesh is suitable for drying of paper under 70gram. Four-shed series double layer dryer www.redstarfabrics.com is suitable for paper with a weight more than 70gram. 4106 round thread screen and flat thread screen are suitable for thin papers with weight under 60gram.

And width and length can be order according to customer's requirements. Our polyester Polyester Forming Fabric is of good quality and long service life. And the polyester dryer fabric package will be what you said.

We produce polyester meshes for papermaking, included polyester spiral mesh, polyester forming fabric, polyester dryer mesh, polyester screen printing mesh, polyester sludge dewatering mesh for water treatment, polyester plain woven mesh and others. The products are mainly used in papermaking, printing, dying, food, salt industry, and pharmaceutical, environment protection, process hides, shoe-making, clothing, pottery and so on.

About Redstar Fabrics www.redstarfabrics.com

Redstar Fabrics has been a paper machine clothing supplier to paper industry for ten years, during which we achieved complete success in manufacturing fabrics for the forming, dryer and press sections in paper making process, with nation widely recognition and reputation of our excellent products and service. Redstar Fabrics delivers All-in-One solution for paper mills. Our experienced professionals want to know, listen to and understand the paper mills' expectations while the talent engineers design innovative weave patterns with fine materials and the product manager match the fabrics to meet specific customer requirements. One of the company's prime target is wider coverage of more market areas with diverse products and service to meet the demands for all paper grades, for all forming types.

Redstar Fabrics
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Address: West Sec, Wenhua Road, Zhumadian city, Henan, China -463000
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